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power to the paws - giving dogs the quality and design they deserve

our why

Dogs give us their absolute all - their love, devotion and happiness - and they deserve it all. Pata Paw gives dogs the quality and design they deserve. We want to give fellow dog parents inspired dog essentials through a polished design, impeccable quality and an empowered mission.

We are committed to give you double happiness: yours and your pup's. Every dog owner deserves functional designs that fit their lifestyle and dogs deserve comfy and practical essentials to live their best. Pata Paw is designed with this in mind for you to make the most out of your time with your dog.

our who

We created Pata Paw to provide dog owners with accessories that fit both design and quality. We are two dog-loving sisters, one living in Costa Rica and another in Switzerland. We have crafted every product with our own dog in mind and obsessive attention to detail. Norberto (part poodle, part cavalier king charles spaniel, and part CEO) is our official tester and inspiration for all products.

map with paws indicating locations of pata paw's female artists

empowering each other

Our designs are exclusively made by female artists around the world. We search the world for emerging artists and bring their illustrations to life through Pata Paw. Everything you see has been made by female talent. We launch small collections to feature several artists and give you unique accessories!

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every order feeds a dog in need in Land of the Strays

Our pups are the luckiest. We must ensure that all dogs get the quality of life they deserve.

Every purchase contributes to food donations to Land of the Strays: a dog sanctuary in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Territorio de Zaguates has rescued & neutered thousands of strays in over 30 years of existence. It is the home of more than 1800 dogs searching for a family. They help them get adopted and accept them in their pack until they find a second chance.

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We believe every business should be responsible for what they bring into the world. Since the start of our business, we have been seeking to minimize the environmental impact of Pata Paw. We use only sustainable packaging made of recycled materials.

There is no unnecessary plastic in our packaging. Our shipping boxes are made of at least 90% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. They are even printed with water-based ink!

Our tissue paper is made on FSC-certified paper, made of recycled materials, printed with soy-based inks, and free of acid, sulphur, and lignin. It is 100% compostable and recyclable. Its purchases contribute to reforestation.

We also offer a recycling program for your puppy's harnesses. Once your puppy outgrows their design, send it back and we will give you credit for a new one.


Our products are made by premium manufacturers who share our values: quality, environmental consciousness and fair working conditions.