puppy to adulthood

growing up with pata paw

We want to accompany you while your puppy grows! We would be so thrilled to be your puppy's first harness or collar and want to help you adjust as they grow.

How does it work? Send the back the harness or collar your puppy outgrew and you can buy the next one half off. You can continue to do this until your dog reached his adult size.

We will recycle or donate the old stuff and you can start their adult collection 🐶

  • 1. Buy your puppy's first harness/collar

    Enjoy it until they outgrow it

  • 2. Send it back

    We will give you a code to buy the next one 50% off

  • 3. Buy a new one half off!

    Now you are ready to start their adult collection!


- The fist harness or collar you buy should have been bought directly from us.

- If you bought using a discount, will receive a credit for 50% of what you paid.