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Featuring our iconic golden paw and a design by an emerging female illustrator

2 designs in 1 - one side with a playful design and the other with a chic timeless color.


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how to reverse your harness?

Our harnesses have a patented design that allows them to be 100% reversible. This means that you truly have two harnesses in one. Simply follow these steps:

1. Remove the back strap (A)

2. Reverse the fabric harness inside out

3. Loop the vertical strap through the metallic ring (B)

4. Flip the belly strap (C)

5. Re-insert the back strap (A)

  • Cajou, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Paris, wearing Pata Paw's forest crunch dog harness

    Marianne & Cajou

    “Très chic! I appreciate the comfortable fabric and lightness. The leash has the perfect size and is easy to glide in pocket. The autumn colors are joyful.”

  • Gwildy, Cavapoo living in Geneva, wearing Pata Paw's Pool Pups harness

    Ines & Gwildor

    "Gwildy didn't like wearing harnesses until he tried the ones from Pata Paw. I like the simplicity and elegance of the branding and that the harnesses are reversible, so you have two designs in one."

  • Ruat & Isla

    "It was love at first sight when I saw the harness on the website but it’s even more beautiful in person. The material is very soft and I’m really happy with the quality. Finally, Isla doesn’t run away from her harness anymore."

  • Biggie, daschund living in Costa Rica, wearing Pata Paw's Toucan Tropics dog reversible harness

    Javier & Biggie

    "Finally a harness that fits my dachshund well. I love the illustrations and finding my dog there. It also feels good to know that I contributed to dog shelters."

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